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Crude Oil & Natural Gas are the main raw materials of the petrochemical industry. Refineries essentially treat crude oil through thermal cracking and produce mainly liquid fuels with different densities, properties and final use. Residuals are utilized in several ways around the globe as a function of the crude oil type, local needs and regulations. Natural gas, after filtering & eventual processing, to reduce corrosivity and remove undesirable substances, together with petroleum is at the base of the Petrochemical industry and though several complex and specific process transform raw O&G into organic chemicals or synthetic materials.

Douson can provide a wide range of valve types that are necessary for refining & petrochemical applications which typically involve high temperature, high pressures, dirty services and aggressive fluids. Douson products range cover from ½” to 56”, pressure classes from 150Lb to 2500Lb, materials range from carbon steel to stainless steel, duplex, bronze, Inconel, etc.

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