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The central laboratory was awarded the CNAS certificate in May 2018, covering mechanical property test and ultrasonic test, etc.

The central laboratory participated in the organizational capability verification in last three years and obtained "satisfactory" results.

The percentage of technical professionals in the central laboratory is more than 50%, including 2 senior engineers, all of them have college degrees or above, and 2 master's degree.



CNAS Test Scope:

Metal material 1 Tensile test Below 30OKN, Mathod A & B as perRm 、 Re、 A 、Z Valid
2 Impact test KV8,(0-300J),(-80~+30)°C Valid
3 Rockwell Hardness HRC Valid
4 Brinell Hardness HBW,3000Kg Valid
5 Ultrasonic test Only forging material Valid



Include Silicon precision casting, silicon composite process, sodium silicate, sand casting process, and material teat as PMI, low temperature impact test, tensile test, MT, PT, UT, RT NDE test, to guarantee the casting quality.



Douson has the own forging equipment including 2 tons, 5 tons, 6 tons open-die forging with electrohydraulic hammer, 3150 tons hydraulic pressure, heat treatment and machining equipments. The monthly capacity is up to 4,000 tons forgings.



Douson can perform the NDE tests as RT, UT, PT, MT from the raw material stage to ensure the material performance, to meet the requirements of different customers.

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